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Track wax!  Elevate your sliding doors and windows with Track Wax’s powerful cleaning and lubrication bars. This comprehensive package includes two white cleaning wax bars, one blue lubrication bar, a brush for hard-to-reach areas (commercial packet ), and a green scrubber.

 Track Wax is a specially designed product that helps you maintain and improve the performance of your sliding doors and windows. By removing the dirt from the rollers and cleaning and lubricating the tracks,   You can resolve common issues such as noisy operation, stuck doors, shaky rollers, and difficulty in the operation of the door. 


 Instructions for Cleaning and Lubricating Sliding Door and Window Tracks

Materials needed:
● 2 White Cleaning Wax Bars
● 1 Blue Lubrication Bar
● Tiny Brush
● Green Scrubber
● Paper Towel or cloth 
● Vacuum cleaner


● Clear the track area of any dirt, debris, or loose particles that could interfere with the cleaning
process using the green scrubber and (tiny brush provided in the commercial pack). Optional: Use a vacuum to get rid of excess dust and dirt.
Application of Track Wax:
Cleaning with white Track Wax bar:
● Take one of the white cleaning wax bars from the package.
● Apply the white bar onto the track's surface by rubbing it on the track. Slide the door over and do
the other side.
● Gently slide the door back and forth multiple times. As you do this, the white Track Wax bar will
remove dirt from the rollers on the bottom of the door.
● Remove the wax when the white Track Wax looks dirty and reapply as needed until no more dirt
comes off of the rollers.
● After removing the wax from the track with a towel or cloth, apply the blue lubrication bar to the
● Slide the door or window back and forth a few times to distribute the lubrication evenly along the
track. You should notice a significant reduction in noise and improved function of the door.
● Repeat this process every few months or as needed to maintain the performance of your sliding
doors and windows.

● If your sliding door or window track is excessively dirty or corroded, you might need to repeat the cleaning process multiple times.
● Avoid using excessive amounts of the blue lubrication bar, as too much product can lead to buildup.
● Always follow the manufacturer's instructions and guidelines for the best results.
Note: Track Wax is designed for maintaining sliding door and window tracks. If you encounter any significant
mechanical issues, consult a professional for assistance.

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